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Want to know the type of motor sport teririt. Bajaj XCD 125 is a champion and it's not corny, but it proved directly through competition at the Sentul Circuit on Tuesday (17 / 2).

By bringing one liter of gasoline fuel, Indian-made motorcycles that have traveled as far as 104 km in 3 hours and 48 minutes. Furthest record was created by Arthur, participants from consumer groups.

There must be some who do not believe or may assume that the weight of the rider under 50 kg. Apparently Arthur body weight 82 kg. "I apply the strategy with constant use 4th gear and drove at speeds between 20 to 25 km / hour," said Arthur.

This spectacular achievement makes PT Bajaj Auto Indonesia (BAI) into the World-Indonesian Record Museum (Muri). Charter of the awards were presented by Chairman of Muri Jaya Suprana to the Marketing Manager of PT BAI M Cahyono Widyastono Anwar.

"In terms of appearance, this bike is cool, and more economical. If it was up to much for iritnya (1:104 km), why not be included into the world record? "Said Jaya Suprana. Who knows, continued Jaya, Bajaj XCD 125 has become a teririt in the world.

Efficient competition that was held in the event of Bajaj XCD 125 Media Gathering Mileage Challenge "followed by more than 30 twenty reporters and about 26 owners of Bajaj XCD 125, and witnessed by two officers of the MURI. Participants were divided into two groups, the media and the motor provided BAI. "All that we provide these motors in standard conditions and have never worn daily," said M Cahyono.

Of the group of journalists, seized teririt champion Tutus (Media Indonesia) with 1:92 consumption km, followed Andhika (Automotive), 1:92, and third Ghausal Nature (Otobike) 1:88. The participating Kompas.com reach keiritan 1:80 with an average speed of 40 km / h using the gears 4.

In this race, other than driving techniques, weather factors are also involved in giving support. Participants are assigned to the afternoon (like Tutus and Andhika) better off because the sun had gone down. Throttle can be reduced without causing lap down because the air mass entering the engine is more dense than when hot.


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