Tuesday, June 21, 2011



Honda products This one is very, very wary by Yamaha. Understandably, the Vario has destroyed everything for Mio dominance in the market. Carrying the new type of engine with the radiator, but has a smaller cc below Mio (108 cc). With all the new features offered plus big names Honda, Honda's output automatic product charm made him popular even before the motor is seen his form in the country. "Pain Mio" is very thick at Honda Vario, but there are a few extra that are characteristic Honda matiknya included in the first product in Indonesia.

From the engine side, prospective buyers must be vigilant. Despite big names, Honda service network no doubt, a lot of unpleasant experiences every time the motor manufacturer to launch a new engine technology. Remember the case of MX? Remember the case of Charisma? Where the technology overhaul with the launch of Honda Karisma, immediately complained to appear. Plus one more, using a radiator cooling technology. Thanks to Yamaha who have made a consumer hot-cold with a case of mixing oil with water radiators in MX. Alert.

Honda predicted the big names were able to eliminate wasteful image that automatic motor fuel. Especially with the smaller cc engine from the Mio, it seems that Honda is pursuing economical. Unfortunately, no longer economical economical when considering the Honda Vario carrying the new engine with the radiator. Additional features are hi-tech radiators, but at the same time making any maintenance fee increases. Not to mention, the Honda is famous for many cases of shortages in spare parts market (NSR, Tiger, Charisma, Sonic). Things that often make the consumer frustration.

In terms of mechanical readiness, did not need to hesitate. With all the resources owned by Honda, able to make the mechanics in the entire network could handle the serve motor automatic. Honda selling price is not cheap and the highest among the other Japanese manufacturers. Vario price is almost equivalent to the motorcycle. This certainly could be a limiting factor Vario sale later because it was considered too expensive. Even so, the name of the Honda was again able to hypnotize the consumer so that the label at any price as long as there logo flutter wings, certainly not a problem.


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