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Comes with a set of technologies that diusungnya, Honda CBR250R was able to tempt the team's internal tuner Honda, Mugen, to give a little touch on the design and the engine. Mugen is a supplier of modified car parts Honda's output. From the results of the team touch the tuner Mugen, New CBR250R a sport bike look more sporty and aggressive. The impression was raised thanks to a mix of red and black on the body as well as the application of a new windshield is more attractive.

To harmonize with the body color, seat was painted with red and Mugen logo. Not only the seats, Mugen logo is also stamped on the front of the New CBR250R.

In the tank, the New CBR250R Mugen spiked with gold-colored lines. Meanwhile on the side of the wheel was also given a touch of red color with the literature of Mugen. To support the view that aggressive, the CBR250R is replaced with a standard exhaust kenalpot from Mugen to boost energy and a more sporty sound.

Machinery sector, Mugen team did not make the slightest touch, according to Mugen, without any change in engine New CBR250R already qualified.

With katalain, New CBR250R is still carrying the engine capacity of 249 cc 4 stroke, 4 valve DOHC liquid-cooled single cylinder. With 6 speed transmission, New CBR250R also apply systems System Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI).

In addition, the CBR250R is also equipped with oxygen sensors that work like catalisator mempu to achieve Euro 3 emission standards.
All New CBR 250 is the first medium-class motor sport which apply the braking system with Combi-Antilock Braking System (ABS).

Motorcycle Thailand is said, this system gives a double advantage for the safety of motorists in the sector. In high speed, Combi-ABS system will be easy to reduce excessive speed without pounding that seemed to be melampar body towards the front.

This braking system does not show symptoms of vibration are familiar with ABS technology. Although hard braking in a high speed, this motor remains stable.

According to Honda, the latest ABS Combi-react within 6 milliseconds or 4 times faster compared to those in the market right now. This makes the Combi-ABS system is working smoothly and help the driver control the vehicle.

Unfortunately, Mugen Honda CBR250R is only available in the Thai market alone which is the base production. In addition, the price is not mentioned bandrol these manufacturers.


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