Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Scoopy Limited Edition Man United dan Liverpool

Scoopy Limited Edition Man United dan Liverpool  

In Indonesia, Honda Scoopy only a retro look. But in Thailand, Scoopy magic richer in color. After launching a hip-style striping Rip Curl, now the car manufacturers in Thailand Honda Scoopy menawakan design limited edition Liverpool and Manchester United.

The unique design was launched in mid-July will only be 5,000 units. Boy's baseball a lot! In Indonesia, each month Scoopy sold more than 20 thousand units. If in Indonesia could be discharged in just one month alone.

Every purchase Scoopy this special edition, the customer will also get a helmet and a special jacket with the same design. Jacket and a red helmet for Liverpool supporters and there is also an alloy jacket-black helmet logo of Manchester United.

"We hope to enhance the pleasure of the fans. We expect Honda's activities will receive strong support from the supporters of both clubs," said Chiaki Kato, President of AP Honda, Thailand.

Not only that, 50 people are lucky buyer, are also eligible for the lottery "Road to Old Trafford." Unfortunately, Honda Scoopy limited edition design Liverpool and Manchester United can only be obtained in Thailand.


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Scoopy Limited Edition Man United dan Liverpool

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