Friday, July 29, 2011

New Yamaha Xeon AHO

 New Yamaha Xeon AHO

Yamaha Indonesia improve the look of the newly launched New Xeon April 2011. Now, the scooter is equipped with Automatic Headlight On (Aho). Then, the mica turn signal, both front and rear, which was originally orange and white being replaced.

"The change makes the Xeon mica lamp is more sporty and does not violate the rules because the yellow lights fixed properly," said Indra Dwi Sunda, Corporate PR & Communication Head Yamaha Indonesia in a release received, today (29 / 7). While the application Aho is a concern for the safety of the Yamaha riders.

In addition, the application of Aho, according to Indra is a form of support for the Yamaha against the government in implementing the Law of Traffic and Road Transportation. In Act No.22 of 2009 on Road Traffic and Transport section 107 is mentioned, riders are required to turn on the lights during the day. Aho replace the motor switch functions that are no longer needed.

In addition to the Xeon, Mio and the new ZR Vega and Jupiter have also been equipped Aho. Aho application is very important in the drive to maintain the safety of motorists. The existence of Aho expected to help reduce the number of accidents in Indonesia.

In the first six months of this year recorded an average traffic accidents reached 660 times per month or 165 times per week. Last year the number of traffic accidents reached 61,606 cases, up 6.72 percent than in 2009.

Xeon has changed its looks, not experience price increases.


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New Yamaha Xeon AHO

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