Thursday, July 14, 2011

Modifikasi Honda CS 1

Modifikasi Honda CS 1

ASTRA HONDA MOTOR (AHM) to market this bike since 2008. AHM through the brochure stated that the 125 cc motorcycle engine is categorized as a motorcycle "City Bike" (The Top City Ride: Comfort, Speed, Action). Honda CS-1 is superior about the riding position, comfortable handlebar position, stepbar and upholstery that also feels very fit.

Added another, there is no guarantee that the rider position is not going to make your back sore fast, responsive and energy fitting.

Honda CS-1 or known as "Honda City Sport Number One," when used to bend at high speed is very easily controlled, this happens because the distribution of energy responsive yet smooth (soft).

Honda CS-1 arguably the motor current stable fast on the road brought a bumpy road, especially on smooth roads. If this was not asked again, because there are bikers are riding Honda CS-1 can penetrate 130 km / hour.

Another advantage, is a matter of features such as panel indicators are already digital panel. Problem is equipped with double brake discs to brake the front tire and rear tire.

About the design and look of Honda CS-1, people said, impressive and futuristic look is guaranteed to make other motorists. Because its body is different from other motorcycle. The design does look a bit odd, but seeing the "future" then this is going to design a motor that is widely used later.


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Modifikasi Honda CS 1

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