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Modifikasi Honda Mega Pro

Modifikasi Honda Mega Pro

Both the constructor, and Fery Saifuloh Wardoyo from the workshop of G2C Ciner, Depok, showing the work of Honda Mega Pro 2006. They are, without a full review of waste moge, counting only local goods. Most important, he said, the engine must remain visible ciamik.

Change your concept of the motorhome Yogyakarta Riandaru This refers to the new Ducati 848. "It happens koorporatif motorcycle owners, as long as labor, walking according to the concept," said Wardoyo.

Well, for the local component can be added, manoeuvered by changing the frame and body are rare. That is, the dimensions of the engine remains. For example, wheelbase, although it was equipped with swing arm (swing arm) always, remains the same as the standard.

So it seems extreme, as well as tubular chassis frame. This new bone stuck in the middle of the steering and chassis. "The model is much like Ducati 848, but the dimensions do not greatness," continued Wardoyo.

The existence of an additional order to influence the design of the tank. No deliberately large in order not to overestimate the choice of the legs. As sokbreker chosen ahead of the Yamaha V-Ixion, which was larger than the standard. According Hery, suitable for sports with the concept of change fairing 3 / 4.

In addition to the average structure, Stern also refers to the Ducati 848. Design, as did subcaudal exhaust the form of two cones silincer body as the rear flank


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Modifikasi Honda Mega Pro

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